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The forming of 720 Astrology in 2021 was the culmination of an 11-year journey that involved a host of life-changing events that led Jamal to discover his true purpose. Along the way, he read veraciously, studying multiple disciplines and subjects (including astrology), while continuing to deal with the rigors of life.

As a result of his diligence and commitment to “the path,” he formed 720 Astrology, a company that provides far more than novelty and entertainment. Its purpose is to help the clients served to gain a deeper and directed vision of who they are and where they are to going.

720 Astrology is not a fortune teller, carnival act, or entertainer. Jamal takes what he does very seriously and honors the responsibility that comes along with being in such a position. He is a teacher at heart and says “my job is to point the seeker in the direction of the light. Practicing astrology affords me access to my life’s mission.”

Many of our clients are hurting and feel like they lack direction. Most are wondering why they seem to attract certain types of experiences in their lives and need confirmation that nothing is wrong with them – life happens to us all. 720 Astrology is here to help you to realize and accept this reality while illuminating ways to manage life better.

If you are looking to evolve into the greater version of yourself, we challenge you to “know the stars to know yourself.” 720 Astrology is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but services the globe, as sessions are done live via the internet.

Services Details

When you receive a reading from 720 Astrology, here is what you can expect:

  • A detailed approach to uncovering the key, and sometimes hidden, messages in the birth chart
  • A keen ability to convey complex concepts in layman’s terms and to make them sensible
  • A desire for truth, yet the compassion to communicate it in an empowering manner
  • Integrity that allows the client to trust that his or her information and privacy are respected
  • An unbiased approach to probing the details of the chart, without prejudice and judgment, so that a coherent message can be transmitted
  • A high degree of knowledge and wisdom, and guidance in navigating the waters of life

The Value of Receiving an Astrological Reading

The highest order of human existence is to “know thyself.” Having your birth chart read is a perfect gateway to achieving that. It provides access to the most pristine knowledge so that you can flourish holistically.

720 Astrology provides an array of in-depth, enlightening, and impactful astrological readings that foster mental and spiritual evolution. To help clients achieve clarity and direction, Jamal utilizes a vast knowledge of astrology, multiple spiritual systems, mythology, etymology, numerology, and an innate ability to connect and empathize with them.

He provides the following types of readings:

  • Natal Chart – delving into the psychological and soul blueprint the client was born with to unlock the mysteries of their life purpose, destiny, potential challenges, and gifts
  • Solar Return Chart – utilizing the sun’s return to its exact degree at birth to understand the energetic outlook for the upcoming 12 months
  • Natal Chart for Children – an effective avenue for identifying the child’s gifts, potential challenges, and overall nature so they can be directed and encouraged to become the absolute best version of themselves
  • Synastry Chart for Couples – comparing the birth charts of potential or existing partners to determine their compatibility, and to identify potential relationship strengths and challenges
  • Group Readings/Astrology Party – a fun way for friends, family, or co-workers to get to know each other better, learn more about the science of astrology, and strengthen the existing bonds
  • 720 Reading – combines the sciences of numerology, etymology, and astrology to paint a more complete picture of the client

Jamal is thrilled to announce the release of his new book, A Layman’s Guide to Manifestation. Bulging with applicable information, it represents a pioneering leap forward into the Aquarian age. As you explore it, you will find simple and effective tools for manifestation.

Let it be known that manifestation is not “magical,” as every day you are manifesting-creating your own reality. The turning point is when you become consciously engaged in drawing forth the life that you desire.

By carefully reading and applying the information found in A Layman’s Guide to Manifestation, you will be on the path to unlocking your innate powers!

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